Texas rap might be in the middle of a renaissance of sorts, with talent like Yella Beezy, Asian Doll, Maxo Kream, Megan Thee Stallion and more repping the Lone Star State. However, none are as young as Houston's 12-year-old rhymer That Girl Lay Lay.

She has already secured multiple TV appearances, including a career-changing moment on Ellen, thanks to how nice she is with her rhymes. To think, it all started with a series of freestyles in a car in 2018, which were then posted online. Her freestyle to BlocBoy JB's "Shoot" in May of 2018 went viral; she took off from there.

Now an EMPIRE signee with an album of her own out (Tha Cheat Code Reloaded dropped last month), Lay Lay is off and running. She took some time to come down to the XXL office and drop a verse for our What I Do freestyle series.

Don't get it confused; Lay Lay can brag with the best of them. "New Orleans seasoning on my gumbo/Drip like sauce on gumbo/Everything on jumbo," she raps near the middle of her freestyle. "Mad cause I don't mumble/Mama said stay humble/This real, this not bundles." A little later, she tells us she's about her bread, what she likes to snack on and more: "I drip like babies when they tee tee/You gotta pay me when you see me, no freebies/I like my apples Fiji/Stay on my toes, MJ, hee-hee!"

As you can tell from the bars, Lay Lay has been able to rhyme since early on. "I started rapping when I was 5, but I've always wanted to be an entertainer," she affirms. "I got it from my dad 'cause he's an artist also."

In addition to her father, she's an avid fan of some well-known rap artists. "I started listening to Lil Baby, Gunna, Cardi B, pretty much," Lay Lay shares—she made it a point to say only the edited versions of the songs. Baby and Gunna's "Sold Out Dates" is one of her favorite songs, to be specific.

Early on, she's an extremely focused artist so the sky is the limit. Catch That Girl Lay Lay's freestyle up top.

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