Tee Grizzley represents hard for his home city of Detroit, but it turns out one of the most impactful albums for him comes from New York rapper Fabolous. During an interview with Pigeons and Planes, the My Moment rapper reveals Fab's Loso's Way album changed his life.

Grizzley says Fab's fifth studio album, which dropped back in 2009, was the first album he listened to without skipping any songs. He adds that it motivated him to believe that listeners could make it through an entire album without skips.

"It's crazy cause it was recent... it was Loso's Way by Fab." Grizzley explains. "That's the first album that I heard where I listened to a whole album and didn't have to skip no songs. He just motivated me that you could make a whole album all the way through. It clicked because like I said I didn't listen to people's CDs before. This was like the real first album where I listened to every song."

It's definitely an important aspect for Grizzley to know that there are projects out there that don't deserve to be skipped over, as he is currently gearing up to hopefully release his debut album, Activated, later this year.

In case you missed it, read our in-depth interview about Tee's bumpy ride through life so far, and watch him talk about Loso's Way below.

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