If you're lucky enough to have ever sat in on a studio session with TDE and its roster of artists, then you know they play no games when it comes to their rules. ScHoolboy Q posted a list of TDE's studio rules to his Snapchat this week, which show just how serious the imprint is about their sessions—and how hilarious their sense of humor is.

Not only are their rules for access into the studio strict when it comes to who is classified as a "homie," but there are even rules about being prepared to be a target of the group's roasting sessions, which is "part of the creative juices." There's even a rule that restricts anyone from touching, asking, or reaching for Q's weed, unless he decides to pass it to you at his discretion.

Another sheet says homies are not allowed to come in if they have someone with them who isn't a homie, and also details that if you disregard the rules, the "tips" will get put on you.

See the full list of studio rules amongst TDE below to see how you can qualify to potentially sit in on a session and maybe get a free meal:

1. If you ain’t one of the homies don’t be Instagramming you creepy muthafucka. I don’t wanna look on yo twitter and find a creepy ass pic of me or one of the homies, matter of fact, No Twitter or Instagram in the studio! Act like you been around a bunch of rich niggaz from the bottom before!

2. If the homies just met you and decide to clown your bitch azz, sit there and deal with it. It’s part of the creative juices.

3. Don’t touch, ask, or reach for Q’s weed, unless he thinks you cool enuff to pass it to you. We only smoke stersonals around here boy.

4. Shut up and look ugly for the homies.

5. Remember these rules and you might get a meal out the food budget!

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