When thinking about life's highs and lows, perspective is an invaluable commodity. That's something Taylor J seems all too aware of in his new video for "Blessed," a meditative cut that finds the rapper reflecting on all the reasons he's living a charmed life. Taylor dropped off the visual earlier today (May 11).

The video for the track finds a solemn Taylor J staring into the camera as copies of himself begin to occasionally pop up onscreen. There aren't other people  in the visual, which is probably best for a song that's all about the rapper and his thoughts.

The track itself is a solid lyrical exhibition from the St. Paul, Minn.-bred rapper. Spitting over a fast-paced instrumental, Taylor reminds you he's been through the struggle and that he ultimately turned all of his obstacles into stepping stones.

"I used to stress, I used to walk with my head down, I was in debt/I used to complain, but I never hated/I knew that my time was coming, nigga I waited," spits Taylor, who's collabed with the likes of Young Scooter and Gucci Mane in the past.

"Blessed" appears on Taylor J's Only Us album, which he dropped off back in February. If you want to hear some earnest lyrics and a tight flow, definitely give it a listen.

Peep Taylor J's new video for yourself below.

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