Chance The Rapper's brother Taylor Bennett made history during his appearance on Sway in the Morning. The Chicago MC upped the ante from Sway's traditional Five Fingers of Death freestyle for the first ever 10 Fingers of Death. Bennett stunned the host by going off the dome for nearly nine straight minutes.

"I ain't got nobody tryna put me on/I'm channeling Rick Rubin/My homies tryna smoke Cubans/You know how we do it, that lame shit is foolish/Don't bring it to my homies cause you know just how we do it/I am the truth, I am the star/You get ejected, rejected like a VCR," Bennett rapped around the 5:30 mark.

Sway was blown away by the performance and heaped plenty of praise on Bennett. The humble rapper said it was all thanks to God.

"I could just say that it's the practice, and I've been rapping since I was a kid," Bennett said. "And I got my best friend Thelonius Stokes who I grew up with, he like, 'Man freestyle to this.' What's crazy is he used to do that thing [Sway] was talking about where he's throwing the words and shit. I just wasn't prepared for that today. I aint't wanna come up here and embarrass myself. I knew I had something to do. But really, I just wanna take a second... That was God. Like I said, I don't own my gift. It's not in my hands. I have plenty of freestyles that I fuck up in all the time and I miss words. And before I came up here, I prayed."

Sway wrapped things by telling Bennett this freestyle was a big moment in his career.

"You just catapulted your position in this game," Sway told him. "You just carved your own position."

It might seem impossible to escape the shadow of Chance The Rapper, but Taylor Bennett may have done it with this effort.

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