They say there are two sides to every story, and in the case of Talib Kweli vs. singer Res, it looks like the rapper's side of the story comes with paperwork.

As previously reported, Res accused Talib of withholding her music after she turned down his sexual advances. The crooner linked up with Kweli in 2009 and formed the group Idle Warship, later signing to Kweli's independent record label Javotti Media in 2013. But she claims the label has refused to release her music and is now suing her for breach of contract. She alleges there are ulterior motives. "I tried to be humble but you letting a kiss that you didn’t get @TalibKweli keep my career on hold and I dare you to say I’m not telling the truth," Res wrote in a series of tweets on Thursday (May 31).

Tired of the slander being thrown his way, Kweli told his side on Twitter on Saturday night (June 2). "She was sued by me for stealing music so she making up lies," he wrote, attaching a court document that shows Res' counterclaims in the lawsuit, including sexual harassment, were all dismissed. "These lies were already dismissed in court so she hella mad."

Responding to a Twitter user that insinuated people were crazy for backing the "Radio Science" rapper, Talib claimed Res is using sexual harassment allegations to try to gain pity and get over on him.

"Explain what’s delusional about the fact that Res took this to court and lost?" he typed. "Receipts attached. She is using #metoo to skip out of paying debts."

Talib has sent XXL a statement on the situation, which you can read below:

"Shareese Ballard Aka Res was dropped from my label Javotti Media in 2013 for disrespecting my employees and for failing to turn in an album I invested in. I am not holding her music because she never turned any music in. At all. In early 2014 Res started an indie Gogo campaign and sent a song featuring my vocals to fans without my permission as a reward. I asked her to stop using my verse, she refused. So I sued her. Res then countersued saying that I sexually harassed her. I find her claim to be dubious in nature. Bogus. Over a year ago, the judge in the case Carolyn E. Wade dismissed Res’ 3 claims against me, including the sexual harassment claim. NYSCEF doc number 37. Res has not accepted this outcome so she is using smear tactics. Recently, she fired her lawyer in the other case, the one where she profited off of my music without my permission. So now she is trying to use the #metoo movement to bully me into dropping my lawsuit against her. I fully and categorically deny any allegation of sexual harassment."

Check out Talib's tweets below.

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