The Takeoff machine is in full effect. Earlier today (Oct. 26), the Migos rapper unloaded his new video for "Last Memory," the first single from his forthcoming debut solo album, The Last Rocket.

In the new video, Takeoff sits back on a throne as he's surrounded by baddies. When he's not sitting on the throne, we see the rapper roaming a massive mansion as his new song soundtracks the whole experience.

In the track itself, Takeoff flaunts his under-appreciated flow as he slides through different pockets of the beat and flexes hard. "Half a million on a necklace (A half)Young rich niggas we successful (Successful)," he raps. "Said she wanna feel special (What)/That coco make her feel special (Coco)/I count a hunnid or better (One hunnid)/Back in two hunnid or better (Two hunnid)/I might go put my chains on (Ice)/I just might change up the weather (Change it)," he spits on the track.

Takeoff is the latest Migos to announce his own solo project, shortly after Quavo debuted his solo LP Quavo Huncho. Offset is also coming out with a solo project, too.

Watch the video for "Last Memory" below.

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