Iggy Azalea has spent much of the last six months embroiled in a series of Twitter beefs. Recently, T.I. was spotted waiting for his valet and asked for his take on the matter. The Grand Hustle boss said that Iggy should "focus on what got her here--her music, her performing," adding that she should "continue to bring her talent to the world." Tip went on to compare his artist's situation to Tom Brady's conundrum at the present time, when reporters and fans are clamoring for answers about the so-called Deflategate scandal when, if you ask the "Bring Em Out" rapper, he should just be focusing on the upcoming Super Bowl.

The vitriol hurled at Iggy has occasionally made comment on her music, but is often about her presence in hip-hop more generally. A white rapper who hails from Australia, Iggy has said recently that she has "changed hip-hop" and given a voice to people who were previously not represented in the genre. This and comments like these have drawn the ire of fans and artists who feel that Iggy is obtuse to racial matters, especially as they pertain to treatment by the American media. Most vocal among her detractors has been New York rapper Azealia Banks. Yesterday (Jan. 29), the subject of Iggy's wrath was Steve Madden, the shoe manufacturer with whom she has recently collaborated.

As for T.I., he recently dropped a 12-minute epic short film that serves as the video for "G Shit," the Jeezy-featuring cut off of last year's Paperwork. Not one to suffer fools, the interview about Iggy ended after T.I. chided the paparazzo for essentially repeating a question.