T.I. is the good samaritan of hip-hop. Back  in Oct. 2010, T.I. convinced Joshua Starks, a 24-year-old man in Atlanta, not to commit suicide. Recently T.I. has been mending and ending beefs left and right. Here are some examples that show how great of a guy Tip is.


Game jumped into the beef with Tyga and Lil Durk by hopping on the “Chi-Raq to LA” after the Durk dissed the YMCMB artist on Chi-Raq remix with Meek Mill. Game name dropped and mentioned the L.E.P. Bogus Boys but messed up saying their names by rapping,  “Rock my Pelle P like LED, them Bogus Boys? They Fuck with me.” That caused G-Count to clap back on “Chi-Raq”.

Before things could get out of hand, T.I. jumps in and ends the dispute, getting on the phone with Game and G Count.


T.I. convinced the Jeezy and Rick Ross to squash their past problems which allowed them to record  “War Ready,”  for Ross' Mastermind. Tip first convinced Jeezy and Ross to look at the bigger picture and the possibilities to they have to make money together. “If nothing hasn’t happened that will cause us to not be able to rectify it, let’s rectify it before something happens to cause us to not be able to rectify it,” T.I. told Arsenio.


T.I. was spotted rescuing a car crash victim while driving to Popeye’s in Inglewood, Cali. The witness says he walked over to the SUV to help the driver, and once he arrived the driver said “Is that T.I.?’ Tip stayed with victim until the ambulance came and then went his way to do what initially went on his way