T.I. and and Kap G were on CNN discussing the context in their new song "La Policia (Remix)," which also features David Banner. The song expresses their frustration with police after the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and many others like Freddie Gray and Eric Harris.

"I think there is a disregard in underserved areas of society when it comes to interaction with law enforcement," said Tip. "I think there is a resentment, a undeniable fear law enforcement have for young minorities and it is reflected in their actions. Of course that leads to angry lyrics because our music historically has been a reflection of the circumstances so if you don't like our lyrics you should change the circumstances that inspire them."

The young upstart also chimed in when CNN's Don Lemon asked him why he created the song and if he's afraid of law enforcement.

"I'm not afraid of police, its just you see on the news, everyday life, the things that they're doing is just not good right now," said G "The reason I wrote this song ["La Policia"] is because I was racially profiled. Me being Mexican-American, the whole situation, two years ago I got pulled over, the whole situation was unfair. They just wanted to check my car, asked for my ID because they thought I was illegal. "

When asked Lemon asked Kap G does he feel this sort of language is dangerous because it would end up getting protestors, citizens and police officers killed. T.I. intervened and said "we are calling the death of our people to end."

"La Policia (remix)" was originally released earlier this month. Kap G expounded on the background of the song to Fader. "I wrote this song two years ago, out of frustration from being pulled over for no reason after leaving a studio session. I didn't think much about who would hear this song when I recorded it, I just knew that this feeling was too painful and demeaning to not speak on it. I felt, as a young Mexican American writer, artist, and youngin, that it was my responsibility to give a voice to this feeling that sooo many young minorities were dealing with."

Watch the video below.