Reports spread online yesterday (August 29) that T.I. would be released on Wednesday, August 31, from Forrest City Federal Prison in Arkansas, about one month earlier than expected. Even DJ Drama, his longtime deejay, tweeted out the date in anticipation. But Tip’s main attorney, Jonathan Leonard, told that information is false.

According to Leonard, who has represented the Atlanta rapper since 2002, T.I. will be freed on September 29 as scheduled by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Although, Leonard says that date may change in the next 30 days.

“The Bureau of Prisons they won’t give you the information [of his release] until the very last minute,” he told XXL.

Leonard says it's up to the Bureau to decide the Grand Hustle leader’s fate.

“The Bureau of Prisons makes all the decisions once [someone goes] into the federal system then the federal prisons is the governing body as to when he’s released, the judge has no control over it,” he explained. “And you don’t have any real contact with them, they don’t communicate with you and they don’t tell you when exactly he’s gonna be released.”

“They don’t even cooperate with me and tell me much of anything,” he added.

Leonard spoke with Tip on Monday and says he is in good spirits.

“He’s doing great,” Leonard said. “He’s certainly looking forward to getting this behind him.”

T.I. began an 11-month sentence last November for a probation violation stemming from a 2009 conviction on federal gun charges. —Jesse Gissen