As T.I. looks to continue to make hits as an MC, he also looks to expand his repertoire as an actor. The King is currently closing the second season of the Kelsey Grammer’s original series Boss on STARZ.

He recently spoke to XXL about his character's role.

“My character’s name is Trey, Trey Rogers,” Tip began to explain earlier this week via phone from his mansion in Atlanta. "Trey is an active member of Lennox Gardens. Lennox Gardens is a centerpiece of a bargaining point for these politicians. It’s a required piece for guaranteed elections. Trey Rogers has realized that once you acquired influence and power in this area, you parlay that power and influence into the political world. Take off your jumpsuit and jogging suit and put on an Armani suit and begin in the world of politics. [My character] basically rose up to power and influence in the game in the projects and I'm beginning to take a crack at politics.”

The King says he indeed picked up a few gems from the legendary Grammer, who has brought such iconic characters as The “Simpson’s” Sideshow Bob and of course “Cheers’” Dr. Frasier Crane to life over the past three decades.

“Man, Kelsey man, he’s probably one of the best actors I’ve been around,” Tip beamed. “He’s extremely  groomed and trained as a thespian and actor from he school of Julliard and all that ole kinda shit. But he still maintains the down-to-earth-real-everyday-people attitude. That to me, says a lot. His sense of humor, he’s special.”

Boss centers around at times merciless Chicago Mayor Thomas Kane played by Grammer. The leader of the city has his plate full, dealing with corruption under his watch  and his rapidly and dangerously declining health. Besides T.I., Jonathan Groff and the gorgeous Sanna Lathan joined the cast this season. Fans of the program were outraged this week when the acclaimed drama was shut out of Emmy Nominations. Grammer did win a Golden Globe earlier this year for his role. “Boss” season two premiers in less than a month on August 17 at 9PM.—Shaheem Reid (@ShaheemReid)