With the album Trouble Man due out soon, T.I.'s poised to be a staple on radio in the coming months. But, the King of the South may also be a mainstay on the small screen.

On the heels of announcing his appearance in the second season of Kelsey Grammer's The Boss, Tip revealed to XXLMag.com that he has more acting projects in the works.

"I’m getting my feet wet," he told XXL. "I did an episode of Single Ladies. We got a lot of other film opportunities that are becoming available, just stay tuned [because] they still in the preliminary stages."

As previously reported, Tip will be guest starring on Starz's critically acclaimed drama, The Boss.

"I’m doing an arch, about 5 episodes," he shared with XXL.

With his eighth LP tentatively due this summer, T.I. recently talked to XXL about his upcoming single.

“It’s speaking to woman, but from a man’s perspective,” Tip told XXLMag.com about "Love This Life," produced by Mars. “People who find themselves in a situation where the woman might say she wants to part ways with the man, but the man [is] like, ‘Let’s be sensible about this. You gonna leave all this? And go where?’ That’s what he is sayin’, the gentleman is sayin’."

And for inspiration for the track, the happily-married man said he looked to his close friends for inspiration.

“I seen a close patna of mine going through it with his child’s mom and I just saw how she was trying to carry him through all the unnecessary drama and stress she was taking him through and I thought to myself, ‘C’mon on now, where else can you go and live like that,” he explained. “Who else would have treated you like he treated you’ and you gonna drag him like that, that’s not right. So that kinda inspired me to do it.”

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for more T.I. news.—Carl Chery (@cchery)