T.I. has always been one to keep it real and speak his mind on wax. Now, the Atlanta rapper is voicing his thoughts on the Donald Trump campaign. T.I.P. tells TMZ that the Republican presidential candidate doesn't care about black lives.

The TMZ reporter asks, "Do you think black lives matter to Trump?" T.I. responds, "Is that a trick question? Absolutely not. I don't believe any lives matter to him except the ones that look, act and operate like his."

Later on, while TIP is getting into a car, another reporter says, "He wants to make America great again. I'm saying to myself, 'When was America great?'" T.I. replies, "Whatever time it was - slavery, when women couldn't vote, when black people weren't considered an entire citizen, segregation, crack epidemic ... All of these times in America were some shit times for us. So whatever he's trying to get back to is some shit we need to get far away from."

In music-related news, T.I.P. is currently prepping the release of his next album, Dime Trap, and he's putting in some serious work. The "Swagga Like Us" rapper has already recorded over 100 songs for the project, and now he's just trying to figure out which ones will make the final cut.

T.I. recently sat down with Big Boy to discuss the album, saying, “I have to pick… Let’s say 12 to 16 records out of that. I think that’s the most difficult, 'cause you have to figure out what’s the tone. What’s the tone of the project? What’s the message? And how you want to present that energy. And they all like my kids.”

You can view the TMZ video above. Keep it locked to XXL for more news and music from T.I.

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