The New England Patriots completed a historic comeback in Sunday night's Super Bowl (Feb. 5) to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime, and it would appear that T.I. put some money on his hometown team, as he has since issued a statement on the necessary steps a proper bet needs. In a video below, Tip makes it clear that unless a bet followed the proper process, don't expect him to pay up.

"Let me explain the etiquette of the process of betting for everybody who may not know," he says. "There must be a proposal, an acceptance and a confirmation. If someone proposes and someone accepts, but there’s no confirmation, there’s no bet. If someone says ‘Hey man, I wanna bet on this’ and you say ‘Ok, bet me $5,000,’ someone must say ‘bet’ in order for there to be a true bet. If those three steps didn’t take place, do not be calling me hitting me and expecting nothing in return. It’s nothing. You talking to the air. Those of you who did, I’ll get with you expeditiously."

The Falcons were three point underdogs going into the game and looked to be on their way to their first Super Bowl win in franchise history at halftime, with a 21-3 lead. However, Tom Brady and the Patriots forced the first ever overtime in Super Bowl history, winning 34-28.

The message in T.I.'s video below is clear: just because he exchanged some friendly words with you doesn't mean a bet was made. Catch his comments below.

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