Not even a week after Los Angeles Lakers players D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young proved once again that no one is safe from having their exploits shared on social media, Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee's antics are now in the spotlight. The "No Type" rapper was put on blast on Twitter by a woman who wrote "Fuck Me!" on her chest and claims she then slept with him.

The story played out on Twitter last night (April 2) and this afternoon (April 3) as the woman, who goes by Dorothy P on Twitter, and Swae exchanged tweets. After a picture of the two started getting passed around the web, the woman tweeted, "I got some black eyes and still got that celebrity D."

When people began to question whether or not the rapper gave her a black eye, she clarified that the bruises were from a skateboarding incident. "Hey y'all, seriously I did not get beat up. I love to skate and hit my head pretty hard when I fell off and got some crazy raccoon eyes."

Seeing the woman's name and story brought up in his Twitter mentions, Swae Lee responded to her by saying, "Man, come on. You don't want me to leak the video, you know you were a third wheel. Stop getting these people excited lol."

In the NSFW video, Swae is seen with another woman wearing a hat and holding a red cup beside him. Near his head is a topless woman whose face is out of the frame above him. The unidentified woman is apparently Dorothy P.

It appears neither party is upset as Swae Lee played it cool and the woman thanked him for the new Twitter followers.

"What can I say. I'm a fuckin' savage," he tweeted.

"I want to personally thank @iHipsterLee for helping me reach 1k followers! Love u boo, you keep doin' you," said Dorothy P.

Swae is no stranger to having crazy experiences with his fans and told XXL about one of his more memorable encounters. "This girl was chasing after our car for miles in Paris. And there was traffic," he said. "The traffic was so heavy, she could keep up that every time we hit a red light, she could catch up."

Just another day when you're living the SremmLife.

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