Superstar Pride allegedly pointed a gun at a woman who witnessed him kill his barber, Marcus Wheatley, and told her not to tell.

Superstar Pride Allegedly Points Gun at Woman and Tells Her Not to Tell on Him

On Thursday (July 27), News Channel 3 WREG Memphis spoke with Mary Ann Strong, Marcus Wheatley's grandmother, about what happened on July 19 when he was murdered. Strong told the news outlet that Superstar Pride supposedly pointed a firearm at her after the shooting and told her to be tight-lipped about what she saw. The woman revealed her frightening experience to the press after she explained how Superstar Pride reportedly killed her grandson, who was the rapper's barber.

According to Wheatley's grandma, Superstar Pride ambushed the barber in his home and chased him into a field outside while holding a gun. After Mary Ann Strong entered the field, she saw the 21-year-old rhymer fatally shoot Marcus Wheatley three times. Once Marcus' body plummeted to the ground, the rapper apparently pointed the gun in her direction and told her not to snitch.

"He fell here and shot about three times," Mary Ann Strong said. "After he fell, he walked over to me, pointed the gun at me and asked if I was going to tell it."

From there, Superstar Pride reportedly went back to shoot the 40-year-old barber.

"And he came back out here and fired a last shot in his head," Strong stated.

Afterward, Pride supposedly fled the scene in his red pickup truck. The truck ended up abandoned in Pope, Miss.

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Superstar Pride Denied Bond After Being Charged With Murder

On July 27, local news outlet The Panolian announced that Superstar Pride was reportedly denied bond after being charged with murder. The Mississippi rapper had a bond hearing on July 25, which resulted in the judge deciding to keep Pride in custody. The rapper reportedly turned himself in on July 20 after allegedly shooting and killing a man in Panola County, Miss., now identified as Marcus Wheatley.

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Look at what Marcus Wheatley's grandmother said about Superstar Pride killing her grandson below.

Watch a Woman Talk to WREG News Channel 3 About Superstar Pride Allegedly Pointing a Gun at Her and Shooting His Barber, Marcus Wheatley

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