It's been a whirlwind of events for Suge Knight. These past couple of months have been dreadful for the big man. First, he was shot. Now, he's facing robbery charges after his run-in with a photographer. Today, (Nov. 5), according to TMZ, Suge Knight surrendered to robbery charges and faced a judge in court.  While everyone would be quick to dismiss Suge and throw him under the jail for committing another crime, this judge appeared to be bit sympathetic to the former Death Row honcho.

Because the DA already filed charges on Suge, the judge said he couldn't help out Suge. But the judge did justify Suge's actions against the paparazzi. He even went far enough to insunuate that paps are crazy, mentioning Justin Bieber being pursued on the freeway.

Suge's bail is set to $500,000 and he was taken to custody. Check out Suge in the courtroom above.


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