The East Coast/West Coast beef was a volatile war between the two coasts in the 1990’s. Suge Knight, who was in the center of the of it all, spoke to and revealed how 2Pac’s controversial “Hit Em Up” was a livid response to Junior Mafia’s, “Get Money” and how it was potent enough to make a grown man a cry.

“When we put the track [Get Money] back up, Pac was so pissed off in the studio about them jumping the gun, getting the song,” he said. “Naturally, he turned around and changed everything up and called it ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ And everything he said was like a knife sticking in somebody’s wound twisting it…He said some shit to make a grown many cry. Talking about fucking your wife…That’s some powerful shit he saying. And he was willing to back it up…It’s one of those songs that it’s gonna be around forever.”

The record was released in 1996 and caused massive tremors in the rap world. Many argue that the record was the springboard to the shocking demises of Pac’ and later on, Big’ in 1997.-Carl Lamarre

[via BET]

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