As many are aware, Suge Knight has been suffering from pretty severe health issues after being arrested on murder charges, with a bail set at $10 million. According to TMZ, the hip-hop icon is in pretty bad shape and is frequently passing out, puzzling doctors. Due to his condition, physicians now want to move on to perform an MRI to get to the bottom of things, but something is stopping them.

In order to perform an accurate scan, doctors need to remove a bullet fragment that's been logged in Suge Knight's head for the past 19 years. He was hit with the bullet as he drove the car the night of shooting on September 7, 1996 that caused Tupac death nearly a week later. The shooter reportedly intended for the bullet to hit Tupac.

Aside from Knight's medical concerns, it's pretty cool to walk around with the fragment, but that's not why Suge doesn't want doctors to put their hands on it. The rap legend actually believes due to his frail condition, he'll die if doctors begin messing around with his head.

Late last month Knight’s lawyer Matthew Fletcher hoped Floyd Mayweather Jr. will pay his clients bail. A rep in TMT's camp however said the boxer will no be putting the money up.