Blac Youngsta is facing criticism from strippers at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles who say the Memphis rapper didn't tip them during a recent visit. The 26-year-old MC has since responded, saying he did nothing wrong.

Ace of Diamonds dancers Tokyo and Ari Safari claim Youngsta didn't throw any money. "He didn't tip us a dime, and he was the worst rapper to ever come into AoD who didn't show love towards the strippers," they say in the above clip. "His whole gimmick is to have a whole bunch of hundreds... He made a video, hyped it up like he was finna come out and cash out on us."

The strippers say they were headed toward the stage at one point, and all of a sudden, Youngsta ran out the back of the club with his group of people.

"You were here for 45 minutes and performed," Tokyo and Ari Safari say. "We're from the same trap, that's what I say. We both struggle, you're a rapper, we're strippers. The least you could do is support our trap as we support yours."

Blac Youngsta responded with a video of his own (see below), in which he says he got paid "pennies" and "crumbs," so he didn't feel the need to tip his usual amount. He also badmouths the strippers for not being naked and singles out a specific dancer for wearing a "grandma bra."

He continues, "I make it rain, I make it thunder. I probably make it rain more than any nigga! You can ask anybody. [Ace of Diamonds] the only place I never threw no money... They'd had put a fine ass hoe on stage, I'd had thrown some money. Them hoes weren't even naked, fool. I didn't take it seriously. [Ace of Diamonds] in California the only club I went to where the hoes weren't naked... Bitch you got your grandma bra on? Huh?"

You can also watch Youngsta's performance at AoD below. In music-related news, go back and check out Blac Youngsta's recent video with Zoey Dollaz for "From the Mud."

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