Paul Wall delivers his new album The Houston Oiler. The 16-track project contains features from fellow H-Town natives Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Lil Keke and Chamillionaire.

The album artwork, above, pays homage to the NFL's old Houston Oilers franchise (now the Houston Texans). The "Sittin' Sidewayz" rapper tells Complex, "For me, Houston Oiler represents the era of time in my city where I fell in love with hip-hop. I wanted to bring that nostalgia back to my city." You can stream The Houston Oiler below via Spotify. You can also purchase the album on iTunes.

The Houston Oiler is Paul Wall's first album since slab god, a 17-track effort he put out in Sept. 2015. In other Paul Wall-related news, the 35-year-old is still living in Houston selling grills with Johnny Dang. In case you missed it, read up on how Paul Wall offered free grills to U.S. medal winners at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil.

Slim Thug spoke with XXL back in mid-August and credited Paul Wall for helping to organize an effort made by Houston rappers to move their money into Black-owned banks. “I won’t take all the credit for it. It was Derric Muhammad, he was the one that set the meeting up with the Mayor,” Slim said. “I just showed up and really Paul Wall called me up and was like yo man… I mean that’s crazy the white dude called me up, and he was like be here.”

Thug continued, explaining what occurred at the meeting. He said, "We were just being proactive. We don’t have a lot of shit going on in Houston as far as cops killing people. We had one incident and the Mayor assured us that the dude had a weapon and was pointing and shit. He assured us that he was going to send the whole video out, I mean I haven’t seen the video honestly, but he assured us that was not going to be one of the cases like out of town where it was an innocent black man being shot down. I still feel like we could have avoided the situation if it was more urban cops in that community maybe, or guys who weren’t as paranoid in that atmosphere and that’s what we spoke on."

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