Top Dawg's young gun Isaiah Rashad has arrived with his new album The Sun's Tirade, and you can stream it on Apple Music right now.

The album features Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, SZA and more. Production is handled by a bunch of people, including Mike WiLL Made-It, Al B. Smoove, Cam O'bi and others.

During his recent press run for the album, Rashad revealed that he'd been struggling with addiction to Xanax and alcohol. It got so bad, he almost got dropped from TDE. 

“At that time, Q just met me, so we didn’t have that type of relationship where we’re checking on each other and shit. So he just made sure nobody was fucking with me, and he made sure I was smoked out.” He continues, “It got so bad that, last week, what was it, Monday? I was recording and drinking coffee, and niggas thought I was on molly, ‘cuz I was so hype.”

Check the tracklist below, and peep a couple singles he let loose before the album like "Park," "I Mean," and "Free Lunch." Plus, watch his new video for "4r Da Squaw" below.

Looks like there's more coming from TDE, too. Remember how we were promised a project from every artist on the label? Cross your fingers – it just might happen.

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