Father's Who's Gonna Get F****d First?' album is finally out and fans can stream it here. The Awful Record rapper's 12-song project is a follow-up to the Brawl EP with RichPoSlim. The self-described "32-mins of pure, unfiltered debauchery" is entirely produced by the Atlanta rapper, with the exception of three songs—KCSB produced "Read Her Lips," "Slow Dance," & "BET Uncut." The Atlanta MC sticks to his usual formula of simplistic, DIY-sounding beats and his monotone flow. First listen in "Slow Dance," "Back in the A (Freestyle)" and "Vamp" stand out, all providing different type of vibes. Ethereal, Tommy Genesis and more are featured.

The young upstart dropped the hypnotizing video to "Spoil You Rotten" and released the video for "Young Hot Ebony" last month. If you don't know who Father or Awful Record—made up of Father, Richposlim, KeithCharlesSpacebar, Archibald Slim and GAHM—read their oral history here. Father explains how everything got started: "Really, it was this Keith and Obie, who records as Ethereal. It was the three of us living in my apartment. It was called the Darlington, in Buckhead. They were doing music, and I was doing graphic design, pretty much, and they got me started making beats. Just went on from there. Meeting people. I had known this nigga Archibald Slim for a minute."

Stream Who's Gonna Get F****d First above and get ready to get spaced out.