The debut project for Bryson Tiller is finally here. The Louisville, Ky. native finally releases his debut project T R A P S O U L. Tiller's buzz has been steadily growing since he released his breakout single "Don't" plus recieved a cosign by Drake. As fans discovered his SoundCloud page, the more his name began to circulate. Now the RCA signee is looking to capitalzed this year with T R A P S O U L. Bryson's annotations for T R A P S O U L are live on Genius and can be found HERE.

Following "Been That Way," "Just Another Interlude" and "Exchange" plus the video to "Don't," T R A P S O U L only builds the momentum that has been in motion. The 14-track project is 45 minutes and boast smooth R&B vocals with impressive songwriting. Stream and buy the project here. Young Tiller was featured in The Break recently. Read how Bryson Tiller got into music below:

I grew up listening to: A lot of R. Kelly. My uncle used to play like 112, Dru Hill and all those super ’90s R&B groups. Then I got into Omarion. That’s when I was like, aight cool, I want to sing now. So I started teaching myself how to sing. I started mimicking what I heard on the songs and stuff and I would try to do it. I never really sang before that. When I heard all the stuff my uncle was playing and Omarian’s debut album, it made me want to get serious. I would record into a recording device and play it back, just trying to get better and better. I was the only person at first and then eventually I would sing for my little brother [for critique].

I started listening to The-Dream a lot. That’s when I really got into writing songs. I like the way he put lyrics and makes his songs. So I was like, all right, and I just started writing. That’s when I started wanting to be a songwriter. I never really wanted to be an artist. I just really wanted to write songs. But of course I can’t get placement unless I demo the songs.

2010 I started record with this guy. We recorded a few songs, then I eventfully learned how to record myself and I just started pumping out music. I made a mixtape called Killer Instinct and I put it online. A lot of people locally were talking about it; this was 2011. Then I made a SoundCloud. I took a break from music just to focus on getting a real job. Then I realized how unique SoundCloud was and I uploaded “Don’t.”

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