Yesterday (Oct. 29), the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B once again popped into the pop culture world's collective consciousness when Nicki threw a variety of accusations toward the Bronx rapper.

Eventually, the back and forth spilled onto Twitter, where Nicki Minaj shaded Bardi for bragging about turning down deals Nicki herself reportedly didn't get. In one tweet, Nicki claims to have been offered a deal with Steve Madden before Bardi was. Now, the shoe and accessories brand has stepped forth to refute Nicki's claim.

Tweeting from their official company Twitter account, the brand wrote, "@NICKIMINAJ you can't turn down an offer that was never made. #StopLying."

If you recall, it was back in December 2017 that the "Money" rapper and Steve Madden announced the Curated by Cardi Collection. As we mentioned up top, Nicki says she's been offered Steve Madden deal in the past, too.

"Same thing with Steve Madden," The Pinkprint rapper began in one tweet. "Irv Gotti asked me to do that deal several times. I passed. You never hear me talking about things like this. she rlly thought she was doing smthn talking about turning down deals. BWAAAAAAHAHAAAHAHAHAAAAA #DipVIDEO out now."

In an interesting twist, one former journalist took some time to spotlight an interesting article she'd written a couple years back. In the piece, it was Steve Madden revealed that he'd planned to team with Nicki Minaj for a collaboration, but they got into a fight, so he ended up teaming up with Iggy Azalea instead. Noting this article, Nicki quote-tweeted the the Twitter user's post and addressed the Steve Madden brand Twitter account.

“@SteveMadden thought I was lying you dumb fuck. You, Irv & Gee Roberson came to my house in MALIBU BEGGING me to do the deal. I said no. You then did a deal w/Iggy & she hated the pics you used & went in on you online. Im sure Irv told you to post this lie," Nicki wrote in the tweet. It will be interesting to see how this situation develops.

While things between Nicki and Cardi have gotten pretty heated, there's a chance things will be cooling down soon. In a tweet she posted yesterday, Nicki called for positivity. Shortly afterwards, Bardi reposted the tweet onto her Instagram account and asked for the same thing. While that isn't exactly a truce, it's probably a good sign.

Check out the Steve Madden brand's Nicki-directed tweet, as well as the Nicki tweet that brought it about, for yourself below.

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