Starlito and Don Trip have become one of the hottest rising hip-hop duos in the game over the last year, and their Step Brothers Three project release from April is gaining even more momentum. The Tennessee rap collective have released the video for their "Do What I Gotta Do" record off of the collaborative tape, where they explore their newfound success. Watch the flick below.

The two MC's show us what their day-to-day for the past few months has been like for them as they've hit up different cities, eaten some amazing soul food and performed at a slew of different shows around the country. Not only do the Step Brothers embrace some large crowds that greet them at shows, but they even display their intimate blunt sessions in between shows and eating a ton of sea food.

The two also get extremely introspective for the song, with Starlito speaking on his potential death in a braggadocio manner, and Trip reflecting on how much his life has changed since entering fatherhood.

Earlier this year, XXL spoke with the hip-hop collective, where they hilariously revealed how little the two actually know about each other for our Real Friends segment. Despite being a great musical duo, the two proved they may need to spend some more time together to make sure they know more about each other.

Watch the visuals for Starlito and Don Trip's "Do What I Gotta Do" video below.

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