Coming to you live from Staten Island, N.Y., 22-year-old rapper $quidnice is making sure his music is heard all 2019. His most recent project, Blacc Ballin, is a little over a month old, proving he's not sitting idle this year. In addition to pushing that, he's running his own label by the name of Nice Entertainment, where he's building a stable of artists and pushing their careers forward. With his team in tow, $quidnice spit a few bars for XXL's What I Do freestyle series.

In the beginning of his verse, $quid reintroduces himself and gives a nod to his past. "Yeah, Squid22Nice and I move right/Use my left when I shoot dice/Might go back to high school just to sell drugs/Skip class, go to lunch, tell ’em that I got a sub."

He then references a popular phrase and offers a glimpse into the streets. "One for the money, two for the show/Three for the, I ain't got nothin' for these hoes/Niggas got soft, then they put it on the stove/Then they turned it into hard, then they push it by the store."

While the young rapper, who once wanted to be like Bob Marley, still talks about the darker side of life in his rhymes, he wants to clean up his act. $quid shared with us that he wants to be more positive and stay out of trouble, while allowing his newer music to reflect that. He's off to a good start.

Catch his freestyle up top.

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