As the hype around the upcoming annual release of Spotify Wrapped continues to build, Spotify users can have some fun by creating a fantasy music festival lineup made up of their most frequently played artists through Instafest, an app that can be used with the streaming platform.

Given the raging popularity of large music festivals like Rolling Loud, J. Cole's Dreamville Festival and Drake's OVO Fest, Instafest allows music streamers to put together a festival lineup custom fitted beyond their wildest dreams. Instafest users can share and compare their would-be festival headliners and supporting acts while being able to avoid seeming pretentious by bragging about how they only listen to the hottest artists in the game.

What is Instafest?

Instafest is a third-party app, separate from Spotify itself, that was designed by Anshay Saboo, a current student at the University of Southern California. The app gathers data from individual Spotify users and their listening habits to generate a graphic display of their own personal music festival lineup similar to the often-viral posters from festivals like Coachella and Bonaroo.

Instafest initially compiles 36 of a user's top artists and places them in both headlining and supporting positions to "perform" at a mock three-day festival beginning on their sign-up date based on the frequency in which said user streams their music. Users can further customize their fantasy lineups by choosing to use Spotify data from either the past four weeks, the past six months or their all-time listening habits. The app also allows fantasy festival curators to create their own names for each festival and they can choose between various backgrounds for their posters.

How to Make a Festival Lineup With Instafest With Spotify

To create your Instafest music festival lineup, first, visit the Instafest app's website. When prompted, simply click either "sign in with Spotify" or "sign in with"

Once you're signed in via the streaming service, Instafest will immediately pool 36 of the artists whose music you've played the most within the last six months. The three most-streamed artists will appear on the graphic as individual headliners for each of the festival's three days and then will be broken down into supporting performers accordingly.

From there, you can tweak your custom lineup by choosing to include your Spotify data from the last four weeks, the last six months or your top artists from the very day you signed up to the streaming service. Then, you can choose between three different backgrounds for the graphic including Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight and Mojave Dusk.

You can type in your own custom name for the festival as well, and other options include hiding your official Spotify username from the graphic and showing what the app refers to as a basic score. The basic score option rates your custom lineup on a scale from zero to 100 based on the overall popularity of the artists you listen to.

When your Instafest is complete with who you view as the hottest artists in the game, just click "save and share" to download your custom festival lineup's graphic poster.

Countless Spotify users have capitalized on Saboo's entertaining third-party app, sparking a viral moment across all social media platforms.

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