Rising out of the booming Florida rap scene comes BLP Kosher, an up-and-coming rapper using a deadpan flow and slick double entendres. His Jewish culture, faith and simply having a good time are all part of his rhymes.

Kosher, 23, spent his teenage years aspiring to go pro in the world of skateboarding, an accomplishment he nearly achieved while growing up in Deerfield Beach, Fla. However, in 2021, BLP Kosher found a new passion behind the mic. After uploading early tracks to SoundCloud like "Sweet Potato" with Luhgary, Kosher discovered that he could have a positive impact on people through music.

With words of encouragement from his late friend and collaborator, Jew Sheisty, BLP put a complete focus on his pen and the beats. That determination led to viral success in September of 2022 when a TikTok video of Kosher freestyling the lyrics to what would become the song "Cheap Gas" raked in over 1 million views.

Once that spark ignited the flame, BLP Kosher dropped his BLP Kosher and the Magical Dreidel mixtape at the tail end of 2022 and kept his fire burning all throughout 2023. After going bar for bar with BabyTron in the spring on their track "Mazel Tron" and garnering respect from peers and fans alike, Kosher dropped his second full-length LP, Bars Mitzvah, this past August. By showing off exquisite wordplay across the entire project on songs like "Special K," which has amassed over 16 million streams on Spotify, BLP Kosher is continuously proving to be a force in hip-hop that fans can relate to.

Making music that has driven more than 438 million views on TikTok isn't the only thing that keeps the Florida spitter focused on his rap career. According to Kosher, the love he receives from his growing fan base during live performances far outweighs any and all problems in his world.

While hard at work crafting the soon-to-be-released project he's calling Scarecrow, BLP Kosher sits down for The Break: Live to discuss how he formulates his lyrics, joining forces with the legendary DJ Premier on the song "Endless," advice he's received from Chief Keef, his opinion on having a relationship with God and much more.

Check out the full interview below.

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"Special K"

"Mazel Tron" with BabyTron

"Endless" featuring DJ Premier

"Jew on the Canoe"

Bars Mitzvah

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