Spotify is giving more artists the opportunity to have their voices heard. The streaming website has enlisted the help of digital distributor DistroKid to help artists directly upload their content to their service (Oct. 17).

DistroKid is a streaming service that helps artists distribute their music on other streaming platforms and online stores. Spotify released a blog post regarding the new partnership, which explained that working with Distrokid came as an easy decision.

"[DistroKid] has been a trusted and reliable partner to Spotify, which is why they're a natural choice to enhance the experience for artists using our beta upload feature," the blog post read. "As part of this partnership, Spotify had made a passive minority investment in DistroKid."

This isn't the first time that Spotify has announced the idea of allowing artists to upload their own content. On Sept. 20, the company said artists would would be able to upload their tracks through a tool that is available by invitation only. Artists now have the opportunity to upload their songs which cuts out the need for record labels or third-party distributors.

Spotify has undeniably played a huge role in the advancement of streaming popularity. Drake was recently announced (Oct. 10) as the "Top Streamed Artist in Spotify History." Champagne Papi's Scorpion single "In My Feelings," helped with that title and became the most streamed song of the summer.

Be on the lookout for artists using Spotify's new feature with DistroKid.

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