Looks like Chance the Rapper has responded to Spike's "fraud" accusations. Read Chance's tweets below followed by the original story.


During a speaking engagement and screening of his film Chi-Raq at Northwestern University, Spike Lee caused a bit of controversy when he took a shot at one of Chicago's favorite sons, Chance The Rapper.

"Chance The Rapper's a fraud. Straight-up fraud," said the director. "He puts himself up as a speaker of the people, but that means you have to put truths that you see. That doesn't mean you can pick and choose what you talk about."

Spike's shots at Chance are part of an ongoing back and forth between the rapper and director. In December, the Acid Rap MC took to Twitter to publicly slam Chi-Raq and said that his city is not supporting the movie. "Let me be the one from Chicago to personally tell you we not supporting this film out here," he tweeted. "That shit get zero love out here. Shit is goofy and it's a bunch of people around here telling you to support that shit...Also the idea that women abstaining from sex would stop murders is offensive and a slap in the face to any mother that lost a child here."

A few days later, Spike responded to Chance during an interview with MSNBC. "“First of all, Chance The Rapper should say full disclosure: his father works for the mayor,” Lee said. “He’s the chief of staff, whatever the title is. His father is the chief of staff. Show me… It ain’t the criticism. If you’re so concerned about Chicago, do your research, show me where he’s made a criticism about the mayor. I think your finds will be surprising. He’s not criticized the mayor. Why? His father works for the mayor. And on top of that, Jennifer Hudson is in the film. She plays a pivotal role. Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were murdered in Chicago. Why would she part of a film… If what Chance The Rapper is saying is true, why would she be part of the film?”

Chance The Rapper isn't the only Chicago artist to take shots at the long-time film creator. Along with a song called "Fuck Spike Lee," King Louie came to Chance's defense after Spike called him a "fraud" and accused Lee of being gay. "Spike Lee a bitch," he tweeted. "Spike Lee stop frontin'...Don't make me expose yo gay ass and tell the world how you fucking my friend's husband."

The war of words between Spike Lee and Chicago's rappers wages on.

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