If you've been on social media at all this week, it's apparent Soulja Boy has been telling us to put some respect on his name. Currently the most-talked about man in hip-hop, the 28-year-old rapper is back with a vengeance and sounds off on everything from inspiring Drake to being a pioneer in the game in a new interview for XXL's Views series.

Sparked by a series of almost Kanye West-level rants, the “Turn My Swag On” rapper’s current comeback has found him giving his unfiltered opinions on many interesting topics. Feeling like he’s been too humble for too long, Soulja also believes his status as a forefather of this current era of rap shouldn’t be questioned. And he’s now ready to take the credit he knows he’s earned.

“I’m coming for mine,” he tells XXL. “I’m younger than Drake. I’m younger than Kanye. I look better than Kanye. I got more swag than Kanye. Drake don’t write his raps. I wrote 'Crank Dat' and it went platinum and diamond.”

According to Big Soulja, he’s been targeting Drake as of late because he feels Drizzy not only stole his flow—(Soulja thinks his style on the 2007 song "What's Hannenin'” was jacked by Drake for his 2010 track "Miss Me")—but also not showing enough love. The two rappers last collaborated in 2013 on the surprise cut, “We Made It.” “Why we ain’t shoot the video?” Soulja Boy asks. “Why this nigga ain’t bring me on tour to perform it one time, but he was performing my record on tour the whole time? Just little slick shit like that.”

Drake isn't the only topic of conversation Soulja Boy dives into. As soon as rumors started to circulate that Travis Scott could be joining Maroon 5 for the upcoming 2019 Super Bowl halftime show, they were met with backlash. In the wake of the Colin Kaepernick vs. NFL saga, stars like Jay-Z and Cardi B have spoken out against or boycotted performing at the major event in support of the former San Francisco 49ers player and his stance. Now that Travis has confirmed he'll be hitting the stage for the 2019 Super Bowl halftime performance, Soulja Boy weighs in.

“Politics and sports shouldn’t be mixed together,” says Soulja. “Y’all mad at Trump. I don’t like Trump either, but at the same time, I’d still perform at the Super Bowl. I need the clout, bruh.”

Seeing things differently from many of his rap peers, the multi-platinum rapper, producer and mogul still views taking the stage at the Super Bowl as a huge accomplishment. “That’s a beautiful thing," he says. “Hopefully, [Travis Scott] opens up the doors for me and I perform at the Super Bowl next year.”

Taking a break from being the hottest rapper in the game and taunting Tyga, watch as Soulja Boy offers his thoughts on Drake biting his style and why there’s nothing wrong with Travis Scott performing at the Super Bowl above.

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