Most, if not all, of your favorite hip-hop songs wouldn't be the same without their producers. But most never know the people behind the beat if they don't hear a producer drop or read the song credits. Sonny Digital has become one of hip-hop producers' staunchest spokesperson to rectify that.

In a new video on Twitter this morning, Sonny let off steam regarding the lack of appreciation producers get. The series of video clips opens with a question most likely posed in light of the 2017 BET Awards last night. "Legit question: Why don't producers get nominated for shit and we do all the fucking basework and shit, though? Don't get no awards," says Sonny. He continues, "Don't get no recognition. All the artists just sweet up our everything." If you look at the list of categories for the BET Awards, there is none for Producer of the Year or something comparable.

He went on to explain why he decided to pick up the mic in his career instead of just producing: "Real shit, that's why I'm not on my producer shit like that no more because even why I was trying to be on my producer shit, they wasn't trying to give me the credit. I was putting up the points. They wasn't giving me credit for this shit. Now with me rapping, I got my own voice and shit." Sonny is part of a handful of producers who have switched to rapping as well, including Knox Brown, Young Chop and FKi 1st.

Sonny Digital closes with a call for more respect to all producers: "All I'm saying, y'all need to start respecting the producers a little more, big or small, in between. It don't matter. They all making all the sounds to this shit." The text of the tweet says that he plans on working on a union for producers to resolve all of the above-mentioned problems.

You can watch the video below.

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