As he steps out of his producer box, Sonny Digital is ready to make a killing as a rapper in the music game. The Atlanta-born hitmaker is gearing up to drop his forthcoming Woke You Up EP, and he finally has a set release date for the project.

Digital announces the official release date as Jan. 26 on his Instagram page, where he includes a photo of himself posing with prayer hands and a coinciding caption.

“WOKE YOU UP” NEW EP," he writes in the photo's caption. "Releasing January 26th. Pray for your hater everyday."

While we don't have the official tracklist for the new project to come, we can anticipate it having a similar sound to some of his previously-released tracks such as "Exclusive" and "My Guy," where he showed off his stellar bars.

The recent career change to go from strictly producing to also rapping comes after Sonny spoke out against producers not getting enough credit for their work. Last year, the Georgia native ranted about producers not receiving the same awards that artists do for their music, despite them doing a lot of the back-end work. He even pitched creating a union to protect producers from getting screwed out of receiving proper credit for their contributions to hits.

Check out the announcement of Sonny Digital's upcoming Woke You Up EP dropping on Jan. 26 below.

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