Sonny Digital takes you to church in his brand new video for "Keep It Real," a cut he dropped off late last month.

The comical new JT Films-directed visual finds Sonny in a few spots. At first, he's watching a comically theatrical preacher deliver a sermon as he sits in the pews. Later on, he, himself, is standing in the pulpit as he begins rapping to the church audience. It's ultimately something you've just got to see for yourself.

The track itself finds Sonny confessing to his own sins as he reflects on a life of strip club visiting. "Hope the Lord forgive me/For all the sins I committed in my life/Strippers in the club and they're dancing every night/Lord forgive 'em cause you know they ain't living right/Lord forgive me cause I'ma be in there tonight/Know I'm a beast but I ain't living on the hype," he spits on the song.

Known primarily for his contributions to the world of hip-hop production, Sonny's been gaining more attention for his rap skills lately. Speaking with XXL back in 2016, the producer-rapper explained his reasoning for picking up a pen and jumping into the rap coliseum.

"It just makes sense to [rap] now," Sonny said at the time. "I’m at a point, I be messing with a lot of new artists and it started like that and it popped off. It just makes sense now. I know how to record, I know how to make beats, I know how to rap. I just keep be stuck in the box just for producing for everybody. I want to have some type of control of what I do musically."

Check out Sonny Digital's video for "Keep It Real" below.

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