Be careful what you post on Instagram and Twitter. Parents will always say that and it is often ignored. Well, these rappers learned the hard way that what you post on your social network profile can actually cause serious issues down the line.

Rappers like Future and Snoop Dogg have actually garnered lawsuits from their uploads, that could potentially cost them millions of dollars. Snoop let a meme wreak havoc for him, although only posting with pure intentions of having some fun, while Future's public air out of frustrations got him hit with a $15 million lawsuit from Ciara. Chris Brown is also guilty of taking to the social network in times of exasperation. The Game's reoccurring display of his manly parts got him thrown under the bus and almost kicked off Instagram. Tyga's issues with Blac Chyna got so intense, she began threatening to take full custody of their son. While 50 Cent's flashy style on IG is not sitting well with the bankruptcy judge.

Time and time again, rappers have taken to the social networks when at times their thoughts are better left unsaid. As many posts are often done on impulse, no 140 characters is worth forcibly having to pay any amount of money or even having to deal with the legal system in any facet.

Check out XXL's list of social network posts that got rappers in hot water. From The Game to Future, take a look.


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