A sneakerhead by the name of Dwayne Gates Jr. has started a petition for the rerelease of the coveted Nike Air Yeezy II silhouette. The sneaker, which first saw a release in 2012 and then 2014, is considered one of the most coveted and valuable Nike sneakers of all time.

With Gates Jr. recently creating the petition towards Nike on Change.org, over 9,8232 people have already supported the movement that suggests the Swoosh rerelease the three previous iterations of the Air Yeezy 2 as a general launch. In Gates Jr.’s petition, the sneakerhead claims, “Sneakerheads have been killed over these shoes, gone into debt, have killed for these, robbed for these, bought fake versions of them, been robbed for them etc. How long must this occur. Nike can easily just produce a mass amount in each color (platinum, solar red, red October) and solve this problem.”

Gates Jr.'s petition has been doing fairly well since it launched and with more and more sneakerheads becoming aware of his petition, it looks like this sneakerhead will be reaching his goal number of supporters in the next few hours. To head over and support the petition, make sure you check out Change.org.

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