Smino's debut album, blkswn, is scheduled to drop next Tuesday (March 14). The release date holds a special significance to the St. Louis rapper because 314 is the area code of his hometown. Smino hopes his new project will bring more attention to the St. Louis hip-hop scene.

His previously released tracks "blkoscars," featuring Jay2, and "Anita."

"Run and tell them blank white canvases the artist back/Sweet music from the Viola Davis like Sammy Son Jr. in this bitch/The damage done,” he raps on "blkoscars."

According to Smino, his sound "is more futuristic funk, rap funk. If people or if I would compare my sound to any art that has came out before, I would Dungeon Family-esque. But now a days if they were inspired by the shit that is coming out now; soulful rappy shit.”

If you want to learn more, make sure to read XXL's The Break interview with the "Menu' rapper from last year. Check out the official tracklist for Smino's blkswn album below and listen to "blkoscars" if you can't wait until next week to hear music from the upcoming project.

Smino's blkswn Tracklist

1. “Wild Irish Roses”
2. “Maraca”
3. “Glass Flows”
4. “Flea Flicka”
5. “Spitshine”
6. “Netflix and D’usse”
7. “Anita”
8. “Lobby Kall”
9. “Edgar Allan Poe’d Up”
10. “Father Son Holy Smoke”
11. “B Role”
12. “blkoscars”
13. “blkswn”
14. “Long Run”
15. “Innamission”
16. “Silk Pillows”
17. “Ricky Millions”
18. “Amphetamine”

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