Balance is key with anything you do: food, work and even all of your vices. So while you might thoroughly enjoy listening to purely feel good songs like some included on the XXL Songs That Will Rule Summer 2017 list, it's also good to balance them out with more layered songs like "Kompany" from Monte Booker, Smino and Phoelix.

Monte Booker's production on the song sounds like the soundtrack for your next ideal summer weekend, as it bounces along from bar to bar. And just like any great summer weekend, there's a pleasant surprise thrown at you with Smino's second verse: a playful twist on the main melody. Meanwhile Smino's two verses are filled with metaphors that will have you rewinding the track back to break down the lyrics, like, "She heard that Smino was here/Then let me write on her walls," and, "Cris off da brown that's Karrueche." It's a fortune for Genius users that Monte provided the lyrics in the song description on SoundCloud. For the hook, Illinois artist Phoelix holds his own while harmonizing with himself.

Smino seems to be sticking to collaborations as of late, releasing "Manegos" with other Zero Fatigue artists Jay2 and Bari in June. He also made his official debut with Blkswn in March this year, which was produced practically entirely by Monte. Monte has been keeping his SoundCloud populated with new remixes including one of Migos' "Bad and Boujee."

You can catch Monte Booker in London for his first headlining show in July. You can check out the song "Kompany" below.

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