Sleepy Hallow was recently captured on video fighting with a man in court and having to be detained by multiple police officers.

Sleepy Hallow's Courthouse Kerfuffle

On Tuesday (June 18), the Instagram blog blextv shared video of the Brooklyn drill rapper involved in a wild scuffle in a New York courthouse. In the video, which can be seen below, multiple police officers are pulling Sleepy Hallow off a man who is on the floor. They struggle to remove the rapper and he gets a kick in before they are able to pull him off. When he is finally pulled away from the melee, multiple officers go sprawling on the floor.

Another clip shows Sleepy standing nearby in handcuffs while several officers on the scene restore order. "This is the stupidest s**t I seen in my life," a spectator can be heard saying.

The video has a disclaimer noting the clip is "a skit for entertainment purposes during a music video shoot," which might be a way of trying to avoid having the violent content removed by IG. According to court records obtained by XXL, Sleepy Hallow, born Tegan Chambers, indeed had a court hearing this morning in Kings Supreme Criminal Court in Brooklyn.

XXL has reached out to Sleepy Hallow's team, his attorney and the Kings Supreme Criminal Court for comment.

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Sleepy Hallow's Legal Issues

Sleepy Hallow is playing with fire by committing an arrestable offense. He currently has an open racketeering case and is out on bond. Last May, Sleepy Hallow, Sheff G and 30 other alleged members of the 8 Trey Crips and 9 Ways gang in New York City were charged in a 140-count indictment by the Brooklyn N.Y. District Attorney's Office. The indictment, which dates back to March of 2019, accuses the alleged gang members of 12 shootings, resulting in 13 victims including one killing. Police say the group used pig Latin to conceal their crimes over the phone.

Sleepy recently made headlines along with Sheff G for cosigning Donald Trump during a campaign rally in the Bronx in May.

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Check out the wild video of Sleepy Hallow getting into a fight and being detained by police officers below.

Watch the Wild Courthouse Video

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