The beef between Zoey Dollaz and New Jersey newcomer Skinnyfromthe9 nearly came to a head last night when the rappers crossed paths at a Los Angeles' Paramount Studios while everyone was in town for the 2019 Grammy Awards weekend. Skinny is now saying that Zoey attempted to jump him after the rapper shared a video of himself and his friends  chasing Skinny out of the building on Sunday night (Feb. 10).

Skinny responded to the video through his Instagram story. "Noey Dollas fat ass don't want no problems," Skinny wrote. "He tryna record shit for clout cause his career a dub. I said wassup bruh he ain't want no problems Y'all fat ass niggas tried to jump me Cause niggas know my hands RIGHT."

Taking things back to what feels like the beginning of this portion of their conflict, Zoey called Skinny out in the caption for his now-deleted video of their confrontation.

"Why you running @skinnyfromthe9" Zoey wrote in the caption, which included a few laughing emojis. "why u running forest ? I just wanna talk to u bro @moneymakinromo @piffyguwap @sergiojeanlouis y’all niggas too fast"

The beef seemingly started after Skinny's release from jail in the fall. According to the ccording to the New Jersey rapper, Zoey had called his bars "wack." Skinny discussed Zoey's comments and made some retorts of his own during an interview on the No Jumper podcast back in November, and the pair later exchanged a few comments on Twitter. Things seemed to cool down afterwards—until their confrontation this weekend.

Following the exchange, both rappers shared their side of the story in different Instagram Live sessions.

"I just went to the studio to do something for Ronny J bro, and he showed up," Zoey said Sunday night. "I didn't even get a chance to talk to him–my brothers talked to him! That nigga ran so fast, he ran down the whole fucking street missing! That's crazy! We wasn't even finna do nothing to homeboy! We was just gon' talk to him. I was just trying to figure out what's up with all that tough talk though, bro?"

At around that same time, Skinny jumped onto IG Live to give his version of the story.

"When his niggas finally came to press me and when I'm finally leaving the studio, Zoey Dollaz finally emerges from the shadows and takes his phone out and starts talking shit," Skinny said. "And then you see me in the video, I'm like, 'Wassup, bruh?' 'Cause I ain't pussy, bruh. We can do whatever you wanna do, but niggas wanna do shit for clout!"

Check out Zoey's video pulling up on SkinnyFromThe9 and Skinny's responses below.

SkinnyFromThe9 via Instagram
SkinnyFromThe9 via Instagram

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