Another one bites the dust. Hip-hop beefs have been getting settled left and right in 2018. Two weeks before the year kicks the bucket, two more rappers have extended the olive branch as Ski Mask The Slump God and Vic Mensa have put their beef to bed.

Ski revealed the truce on Friday (Dec.14) with TMZ, who spotted the rapper at the airport. The South Florida spitta said it took some work behind the scenes to get it done.

"Basically, a lot of shit was going on in the back end with me and Vic Mensa," he said. "It could have got to more dangerous shit than it...we stopped it. Me and Vic Mensa, our people talked, basically we just deaded it from where it was going 'cause it was going in a dangerous route. It's enough Black violence, it's enough gun violence. There's enough young people with money out here wasting their careers on stupid shit like that. We both figure it's smarter to just dead that shit."

Ski is just one of the people who wanted smoke with Vic Mensa for calling out the late XXXTentacion during his 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher verse. He initially instructed Vic to apologize or there would be issues.

"Yeah say sorry and then we'll leave you alone," Ski Mask warned in November. "Until then you better keep hiding. No cap."

It looks like both artists decided to take the high road in the end.

See Ski's explanation below.

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