Sir the Baptist is taking on Donald Trump, or at least his impersonator. The Chicago rapper performed a skit at AfroPunk 2016 which featured him criticizing the Republican presidential candidate for trying to exploit the black community in search of votes. The role of Trump was played by Bob DiBuono, known for his work on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore.

The Chicago native's frustration with Trump was only heightened by a ridiculous tweet the mogul made last Saturday (Aug. 27). Trump tried to use the death NBA star Dwyane Wade's cousin Nykea Aldridge as an example of why black voters should choose Trump.

"No one politician can relieve centuries of systemic racism and bigotry due to enslavement," Sir told CNN of his stance on Trump. "It's time for us to ask the tough questions of Trump; to hold him accountable. He has no problem teasing us with promises of jobs and wealth on one hand while exploiting the community in the other, thinking it will deliver him our vote. He is the problem."

Donald Trump's proposed solution of putting more police on the streets to restore law and order was rejected by Sir the Baptist. He said it showed Trump had no concept of the institutionalized racism that exists.

"My dad was a preacher, my mom a missionary and I was very wholesome," Sir said. "But I'm telling you 'til this day, if I drive by to this lot that I'm in right now I'm going to be afraid that if I get pulled over, I might not make it home."

Sir the Baptist can be an added to a long list of rappers who dislike Donald Trump. The presidential candidate has not gotten much love from the hip-hop community outside of support from the controversial Azealia Banks.

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