Three people were injured in a shooting outside of a Shoreline Mafia show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The incident happened on Friday night (Nov. 22) outside a venue called The Complex where the group performed, reports The Associated Press. According to Salt Lake City police Lt. Carlos Valencia, shots were fired from a vehicle around 10 p.m. as three people exited the venue. Two of the victims were friends. One was shot in the chest. The other was shot in the arm. The third victim, a juvenile, was hit by a ricochet in the foot. All three victims have non life-threatening injuries and are cooperating with the police investigation.

According to investigators, the two adult victims got into an altercation inside the venue. It is not clear if that was the catalyst for the shooting. Shoreline Mafia's team has released a statement to XXL, confirming the shooting incident took place and the group was not involved.

Shoreline Mafia members Fenix and Ohgeesy are currently on the last leg of their Paid in Full Tour, which was not accompanied by other group members Rob Vicious and Master Kato. However, Fenix and Ohgeesy recently told XXL its all love and the group will soon return to full strength.

"It's four people," Fenix confirmed of the members in the group. "We figuring it out."

"Yeah, it's all like everyone is starting to do they own individual shit," Ohgeesy added. "Like Rob actually had his own solo shit, even before. So he dropped his shit, that's what "Bands," "Bands" just went platinum. So, we all just like, it's a group, but we all gon' work on our individual shit as well."

The L.A.-based group plans to drop an album in 2020.


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