New York and Atlanta unite. Late yesterday (July 22), Sheck Wes unloaded a new banger by the name of "Niggas Ain't Close," which features the talents of Lil Yachty.

Produced by Redda, "Niggas Ain't Close" is pretty much a two-minute bragging session. Considering the title of the track, that really shouldn't be all that surprising. Up first is Wes, who hasn't put out too much new music over the last few months.

"Sheck and Boat, niggas ain't close/I want the most, look at that hoe, I want her throat," Wes spits during one part of the song. After hitting the track with a barrage of boasts, Sheck makes way for Lil Boat, who comes through with at least a couple of quotable bars.

"Two million dollars in a safe/Reach for my chain, pussy ass nigga that ain't safe/223s, SK, SK all in your face/I want the neck, fuck the sex—that's my pace," Yachty spits, alternating between whispers and shouts on the slow-paced track.

This track comes about a month after Pusha-T revealed that Sheck Wes and Valee would be coming onboard for his forthcoming Daytona Tour. Now Sheck, who recently modeled for Helmut Lang's fall 2018 collection, has one more banger he can perform in front of packed crowds.

Listen to "Niggas Ain't Close" below. Revisit Sheck Wes' "Mo Bamba" video when you're done.


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