ShaqIsDope has been teasing his new self-titled EP for the past few months, and now fans finally can hear the full project. The 24-year-old MC officially dropped the new tape, which contains a total of seven tracks.

The new EP doesn't have any guest features, and just has ShaqIsDope tapping into his signature element while he shines in the solo spotlight. His two previously-released songs, "Facts" and "Power," are not featured on the new project as many were anticipating, but it just provides some more new tunes for his loyal fan base. He did, however, include his recently-dropped track, "Ble$$ings" on the EP, which marks as the third record on the tracklist.

Last year, ShaqIsDope told XXL about his style, stating that some consider him to be a "Candian Fab."

"My sound is like conscious but a little bit bouncy," he describes. "There's still a turn up but there’s a message that you can take from it. People like to call me a young Canadian Fab."

Take a listen to the brand new self-titled EP from ShaqIsDope below, and check out the official tracklist.

ShaqIsDope's ShaqIsDope Tracklist

1. "New Hope"
2. "Free P"
3. "Ble$$Ings"
4. "Need You Know"
5. "The Things"
6. "Like a Drug"
7. "All Means"

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