Start saving up your lunch money, rap fans: Forbes reports that Wu-Tang Clan's unreleased, one-of-a-kind album will be auctioned online by Paddle8. Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, which reportedly features Cher (yes, Cher), will have a website dedicated to it, with essays, an interview with RZA, and a sneak peek at the tracklist. According to Tarik "Cilvaringz" Azzougargh, a Wu-affiliated producer, this is the Wu's attempt to return value to music, and impart the album with an aura of fine art. Paddle8 head of communications Sarah Goulet is quoted as saying that "This is being positioned both by the Wu-Tang Clan and by Paddle8 as a work of art. It’s truly treating this album, which very well may be the last album that the Wu-Tang Clan makes together, as a one-of-a kind, special property that is worth the price."

In an interview with Billboard, RZA claimed that he has already been offered $5 million for the album, which apparently didn't meet his valuation. The buyer of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be free to do what they please with the album.