Nelly is still embroiled in rape allegations from multiple women. Now one of his accusers is giving the graphic details on what she alleges happened the night the reported sexual assault took place.

On Thursday (April 12), The Blast obtained court documents that were filed by the unnamed second accuser, who is labeled as Jane Doe 2 in the paper work. In them, she gives her side of the story.

The event supposedly happened during Nelly's visit to Essex, England in December 2016. After taking a picture with the rapper, Jane Doe 2 claims she and her friends went back to his dressing room, and later her and Nelly went to an adjacent room. That's where things got uncomfortable, she claims. “As he approached I tried to move back but there was nowhere I could go," she states in the documents. "He dropped his trousers and said he really wanted me. Defendant Nelly began to masturbate again. He told me I wanted him. I repeated I did not. Defendant Nelly tried to kiss me two times."

Jane Doe 2 claims Nelly continued to ignore her opposition. “Nelly then grabbed my hand and placed it on his penis," she added. "I pulled my hand away and told him generally the following: That’s enough. Who the fuck do you think you are. Look mate I had a really nice time at the concert. You may have sold records and have a lot more money in your bank than I do. But this doesn’t make you more special than me. Pull your trousers up back up and fuck off.”

She then claims Nelly tried to physically forced her to perform fellatio, but she was able to break free and escape the room. Nelly allegedly then told her "I will find you" as she left. Jane Doe 2 says she never reported the claims to police because she felt her allegations would not be taken seriously.

The details were given as part of a lawsuit Nelly is facing from Monique Greene, the woman who accused the rapper of rape in October 2017. Nelly was not charged with a crime and has counter-sued Greene.

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