Don't ever try to swindle someone out of their money, especially if he or she is an artist. According to TMZ, Sean Kingston orchestrated a beatdown for a Hollywood club promoter because he wasn't fully compensated for making an appearance.

TMZ reports that Kingston was hired to appear and perform at Avalon, this past Wednesday night, alongside Carmen Electra and The Jazmin Sisters. The contract was for $11,000 and half of that was paid up front in advance.

However, the promoter was agitated at the fact that Kingston not only showed up three hours late, but also because he did such a horrible job of promoting the event through social media. So because of that, the promoter refused to pay Kingston his remaining balance.

Of course, this infuriated Sean Kingston and his crew. This resulted in Kingston and his people roughing up the promoter and stealing away his watch, iPhone, and thousands of dollars. Luckily, for the unnamed promoter, his watch and phone were found at the club later on. As for the cash, it was long gone.

Kingston hasn't been named a suspect. As for his bodyguards, they were identified  as witnesses, but vehemently denied involvement. No arrests were made.


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